Smoke Show

Smoke Show

Smoke Show
  • Zach Tests Every Weed: Pineapple Express

    Zach smokes every Marijuana strain, Welcome to the Smoke Show! A new series where Zach and friends will be testing every strain of weed to see which one is… best? This is science people!

  • Zach Smokes Every Strain... Purple Haze

    Episode 2 of Smoke Show is here!! New friends, new challenges, and nothing but science!

  • Strawberry Cough With Anthony Padilla

    Zach smokes with Anthony Padilla to get to know him while also getting to know the strain Strawberry Cough!

    Anthony Padilla @anthonypadilla
    Brain Wohl @brianwohl

    Chris LaPointe Director of Photography
    Devon Hoff-Weekes Camera Operator
    Brian Wohl Writer
    Alex Kelle...

  • Sour Diesel with Drag Queens

    Zach smokes Sour Diesel with Drag Queens, Miss Misty Violet and Barbie’s Addiction