Best of Jared

Best of Jared

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Best of Jared
  • Guys Wear Dresses For a Week

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear dresses for an entire week? It may be common for some people, but for Jonny, Zach, and Jared it’s a whole new world!

  • Taking Mushrooms At Super Mario World

    It’s a me! Zach! Can our little Toad win all of Super Mario World? Let’s go! Wahoo!

  • Crack to Eggscape • Escape The Kitchen

    Welcome to Escape The Kitchen! Will Zach and Jared be able to make it out with something edible before time runs out?

  • The Try Guys Compete In A Pro Gaming Tournament

    Zach and Keith have just 4 days to learn how to compete at a professional level against world champions Cloud9 and Deadmau5 in a PUBG video game tournament. Somehow, it will all end with a chicken dinner and a pie to the face. Watch the full stream here!

  • Frisbee Golf • 4 Vs. 1

    4 vs 1 is back with a brand new season and a rotating cast of Try Friends! This week we take on a professional disc golf player!

  • Ramen • Without A Recipe

    Without A Recipe 2023 starts NOW, our biggest and best season yet! This week we’re making Ramen from scratch. Do you agree with the judges' final choices?

  • The Best Custom Makeover • Candid Competition

    Four different beauty counters with WILD instructions! Today Zach will settle the age old question: "Where's the best place to beat that face?!"💄💋

  • TGI Friday's • Eat The Menu

    It’s Eat The Menu, and this time TGI Friday’s made it to the top of Keith’s list. Take a look and see what items on the menu were a pleasant surprise, and which ones had Keith wishing he could take them back.