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Rank King

Keith & Eugene Rank The McDonald's Menu


Up Next in Season 2

  • Keith & Eugene Rank the Taco Bell Menu

    Welcome back to the crossover collab we all love, Rank The Menu! Join Keith and Eugene in ranking the most popular items at Taco Bell! Don’t agree with our ranks? Well, that’s too bad! We’re right, you’re wrong, open wide!

  • Eugene Ranks the Most Popular Chips

    I’m right! You’re wrong. Shut up! The Rank King is back to rank the most popular chips! Which chip do you think will reign supreme?
    *The photo at 10:46 is actually of Paul Sills, a decorated pioneer of improv comedy and theater, not Fred Baur, the man who patented Pringles and put his ashes in a ...

  • Eugene Ranks the Most Popular Hard Se...

    Who’s right? Eugene is! Who’s wrong? Everyone else! Welcome back to a bubbly, boozy Rank King, where Eugene will decide which hard seltzer reins supreme, all with the help of his Rank Queen Becky of course!