Try Guys Greatest Hits

Try Guys Greatest Hits

The Try Guys try anything and everything in order to better understand the world and people around them. And they take their pants off a lot, too.

Try Guys Greatest Hits
  • The Try Guys Audition for a Broadway Musical

    We’re auditioning for Broadway, baby! Join us as we audition for one coveted role in the live Broadway production of Beetlejuice. Who will rise to the occasion by singing and dancing their way onto the big stage? Watch and find out!

  • The Try Guys Perform on Broadway for the First Time

    You saw us audition for a single coveted role in the Broadway production of Beetlejuice, now see who the lucky one is that gets to debut on the big stage in part two of our Broadway series!

  • Try Guys Test A Drunk Obstacle Course

    The Try Guys Drunk Vs High is back and better than ever! Eugene, Zach, and Keith all try their hand at going through an obstacle course sober and drunk to see how they compare. Come back next Wednesday to see the guys try the course high!

  • Try Guys Test a High Obstacle Course

    The Try Guys Drunk Vs High is back and better than ever! This week Eugene, Zach, and Keith all try their hand at going through the obstacle course while high. Check out last week’s video to see the guys try the course sober and drunk!

  • The Try Guys Make a 5-Star Pizza Restaurant in 24 Hours

    We have 24 hours to make a pizza place from scratch. Can we do it, or will the pizza (and our pride) go up in flames?

  • Try Guys Get Lasered

    Zap! Zap! Zach, Keith, and Kwesi get laser hair removal on their nether regions, and it’s nothing short of a hilarious, zaptastic experience.

  • Try Guys Try Period Cramps Simulation

    Zach, Kwesi, and Jared spend an entire workday with period cramp simulators attached to their bodies to see if they can better understand what people who have periods experience while on their periods.

  • Guys Wear Dresses For a Week

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear dresses for an entire week? It may be common for some people, but for Jonny, Zach, and Jared it’s a whole new world!

  • Try Guys Fly A Plane Without Training

    They aren’t really going to let us fly a plane are they? OMG! Join Zach, Keith, and Sequoia at Sling Pilot Academy to take to the skies, without training!

  • Try Guys Throw Zach’s Dream Bachelor Party

    Zombie hunting, alien sightings, drag queens, sound baths, magicians, speakeasies, and underground supper clubs!! What else would you expect in a weird and wild weekend honoring our boy Zach? This isn’t just any ole’ bachelor party… it’s a Zachelor party!!

  • Eugene Babysits Twins For A Day

    Here we go again! #Eugene the babysitter is back and maaaybe better than ever? Will he survive a day of watching twins? And more importantly, will the TWINS make it through the day with Uncle Eugene? 👼🍼

  • The Try Guys Get Their Bones Cracked

    The guys get Dr. Mary Trumpi to crack and pop their joints to relieve pain and stress. It's an ASMR-esque romp filled with the satisfying sounds of bones!

  • Try Guys Try Every Costume From Spirit Halloween

    It’s spooky season and today the guys are trying on EVERY costume at Spirit Halloween! Ever wonder what the costumes look like on someone? Well, the guys are here to show you just how they look…well, on men at least.