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Watch this video and more on 2nd try

Watch this video and more on 2nd try

The Try Guys

Try Guys Fly A Plane Without Training


Up Next in Season 4

  • Try Guys Get Their Muscles Destroyed

    Dr. Trumpi is back with The Try Guys, but this time she’s not cracking bones, she’s here to extreme deep tissue massage them. What's even better? She brought Vice Grip, her deep tissue massage specialist to get help the job done!

  • Try Guys Give Tattoos Without Training

    What's all the buzz? Oh yeah, The Try Guys are giving tattoos to clients without any training! Watch them create works of art...or maybe just work that needs to be fixed.

  • Try Guys Get Barbie Makeovers

    Hey Barbie! Hey Ken! Zach, Eugene, Joyce, and Jonny get Barbie Makeovers and remake the Barbie movie trailer. Who pulls off the best Barbie look? Watch and find out!